Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eval JavaScript Editor APP. free hack!

Eval Java Script Editor
Fast Rich Stylish Java Script in your web browser/ or html5 smart phone!
simple for a 1st grader, flexible for a hacker

Distinguishable features
  1. Save spread sheet to Home Screen with over a hundred icons and seamless backgrounds
    1. Great visual reminder, no annoying alerts
  2. Add, delete & move to folders just like an APP TILE
  3. iPhone Spotlight Search support
  4. Universal APP (iPhone/iPad, HTML5 WebApp)
  5. Full UTF-8 HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, DOM  support
  6. 100+ Additional aggregate,windowing, statistical and financial  functions not available in vanilla javascript
  7. Enhanced Strings and Dates
  8. TTS (Text to Speech)
  9. Apple Air Print Support
  10. Full screen view/edit portrait & Landscape modes
  11. Unlimited Java Scripts
  12. CLIP to Evernote
  13. Quick Javascript Hello World Example/Template
  14. shake to toggle edit or execute
  15. auto-save local,
  16. Native Cut/Copy/Paste
  17. Java script Quick Reference Documentation

Work flow to create a NEW Java Script (3-Clicks)
  1. From a HOME SCREEN Click on the "EvalJava Script Editor" APP
  2. Click on a New ICON to create a New Java Script 
  3. Click "Add to Home Screen" Icon
  4. Give the Spread Sheet a Title
  5. Enter some Java Script
  6. Click on the back button to exit and auto-save

Work flow to edit an  EXISTING Java Script  (1-Click)
  1. From a HOME SCREEN, Click on the EXISTING Spread Sheet
  2. Enter or Edit Java Script
  3. Click on the back button to exit and auto-save

Why a Java Script APP?
     As far as usability goes, once you are comfortable in the paradigm of Java script and programming don't scare you, the benefits of a scripting anywhere and everywhere maximizes the use of carrying a computing device. Eval Java script Editor is manipulated with html, javascript and css. If these technologies are already in your tool set of skills, you will be proficient out of the gate. Just use the familiar document.write() to output your results.

Coming soon
  1. Edit your Java Script with a Rich Text Editor in any Desktop Browser
  2.  auto-save internet back-up
  3. Multiple Undo/Redo
  4. Password Protect
  5. Find/Find Next/Find & Replace
  6. Human Readable Auto formating
  7. Web Services Support including AJAX/JSON

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